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Holixa T4I

Holixa T4I (Tools For inventor) is an add-on for Autodesk Inventor to boost your productivity by automating and simplifying routine tasks in every phase of the design process, from the first sketch to the publication of the finished documentation. Better collaboration by using correct data Increase productivity and efficiency Tools that save almost 80% of your time The tools are easy to use in the familiar Inventor environment. Technical support when needed#existing-customer Download Holixa T4I for free now, discover the benefits. Try our trial for 30 days. Click here for more.
Smart Documentation

Did you know that about 30 to 40% of your time is taken up by manually formatting drawings with dimensions and captions, among other things? These are often manual and time-consuming operations. Quickly generate and check Revit project documentation with Smart Documentation. With Smart Documentation you save on time-consuming work creating Views, Sheets. You also speed up the dimensioning and annotation of your floor plans, facades, sections and details by up to 90%.
Holixa SMS Start

Holixa Site Management is the all-in-one data exchange and site monitoring platform that aggregates all project data crucial for progress and delivery into a single view, resulting in fewer disruptions and increased visibility to mitigate potential delays or unforeseen expenses. Key advantages of Holixa SMS Improve communication and collaboration among different stakeholders Stay up-to-date and improve the situational awareness within the project Better understanding of the designs through easy and intuitive visualization Qualitative and quantitative site monitoring Quick identification of deviations, for rapid decision-making
Smart Connections

Smart Connections provides automatic modeling of phase LOD400 in Revit. This tool can directly add specific intelligent details to the elements, such as lifting devices, connection details, anchors, joint tubes, etc. As a structural engineer, this will save you many hours per project. Load your families into the project, define rules and add details to hundreds of elements in the project with a few clicks.
Metal Framing Suite

The Metal Framing Suite includes several tools to effortlessly create designs for steel structures in Revit. It lets you model complete steel floors, roofs and walls ten times faster. Shop drawings are generated at the touch of a button. The Metal Framing Suite is indispensable for anyone working with steel structures in Revit!
Precast Concrete

We have the Precast Concrete Suite especially for anyone working with concrete structures in Revit: this bundle contains various tools to make working and documenting precast concrete structures as efficient as possible. It makes detailing and documentation very fast and almost at the touch of a button. Ideal for structural engineers and concrete manufacturers! The Precast Concrete Suite is designed to support the entire process for precast parts in Revit. Insert anchors, include brand number, split walls and generate drawings.
MEP Hangers

MEP Hangers is the BIM software for fast and accurate layouts of brackets and supports. This tool allows you to quickly and effortlessly add brackets in your Revit model for pipes, ducts, pipes and cable trays. Ideal for HVAC engineers, sprinkler engineers and BIM managers!
Cut Opening

Cut Opening creates cutouts when pipes, ducts, conduits and cable trays intersect with walls, floors, ceilings and roofs. With Cut Opening you have the ability to set the shape of the recess yourself or change/remove recesses afterwards.
Fire Sprinklers

The Fire Sprinkler Bundle is the software for effective design of a sprinkler system in Revit. Fire Sprinkler makes it easy to design the location of sprinklers in a BIM model with real-time interference checking. This tool is suitable for MEP engineers and designers of sprinkler systems working with different standards (ISO, NFPA, AS). Also included is the MEP Hangers tool: this tool allows you to quickly and effortlessly add brackets to your Revit model at pipes, ducts, pipes and cable trays.
Wood Framing Suite

For all wood precast designers and builders who want to design, implement and produce their walls, roofs, floors or complete buildings in HSB, CLT, SIPS or LOG in Revit, our Woodframing Suite solution has been developed. Frame elements at lightning speed from a Revit model without starting over and automatically generate element drawings, parts lists, saw lists or even CNC files to greatly speed up your work preparation and production with far fewer errors." The Wood Framing Suite includes several tools to effortlessly create designs for wood framing in Revit.
Holixa T4R

Make Revit more powerful with Holixa T4R  (Tools for Revit) Would you like to have more time to think creatively about designs and spend less time visualizing your design in Autodesk Revit? Whether you're an architect, structural engineer, designer or MEP engineer – this solution is here for you! To speed up the design of a BIM model, we have created a series of add-ons that make Autodesk Revit a faster and more efficient tool to work with.  Developed by Revit experts, these plug-ins increase your design productivity and help you to customize the program to your needs. Save more time Work faster and more efficiently ​​Create more consistent drawings
Smart Browser

Logiciel BIM pour la navigation et la gestion des paramètres dans les familles Revit pour une équipe BIM Smart Browser est un logiciel BIM permettant de gérer les paramètres Revit par lots et de parcourir facilement les familles dans un environnement de qualité contrôlée. Une approche modulaire le rend efficace et rentable pour les bureaux de toute taille qui font du BIM. Des fonctionnalités uniques permettent aux responsables BIM, aux chefs d’équipe et à tous les architectes, ingénieurs et concepteurs de gagner beaucoup de temps et d’améliorer leurs résultats.