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ERP Picker

Design creation in a CAD system is not a stand-alone, isolated process. It needs the correct data, preferably at the very beginning, so that the consequent processes can follow seamlessly.
ERP Connector

Production companies use different software systems to create, manage and protect their business and production data. Therefore, users have to search for information in multiple systems, losing valuable time on repetitive tasks, missing some critical information, or using inaccurate information. The Holixa ERP Connector is an Autodesk Vault Professional add-on that automates data transfer between Product Data Management (PDM) and Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) systems. It bridges the gap between the design department and the rest of the company, enabling all users to work with one single source of information.
Vault Professional

Holixa Publisher4VLT

Publisher4VLT expands the possibilities of publishing from Vault and check–in of the published document back into the Vault. The publishing settings allow to specify the conditions for publishing with advanced setting of “how and where” is the document to be published. The name of the published file is fully configurable and can be compiled based on property values of the original file checked in Vault. The publication process can be extended with Inventor iLogic rules, which allow start a follow–up process, task or application, for example adding a custom watermark etc. Holixa Publisher4VLT includes an improved Pack-and-Go functionality, which offers to create an archived package from the published files to be handed over e.g. to cooperating teams.
Metal Framing Roof

Advance Steel

Autodesk Flex

Autodesk now offers Flex, a new pay-per-use option. Designed to provide flexibility for users who only need occasional access to Autodesk software, Autodesk Flex allows you to pay a daily fee for use of your software, rather than purchasing a long-term subscription.
Navisworks Manage

Maya LT

With several UV enhancements and new modeling tool updates, Autodesk® Maya LT® helps game developers work faster than ever. 3D modeling, UV, and texturing 3D animation and rigging Workflows for independent game designers
AutoCAD Revit LT Suite

Do you work with AutoCAD, but want to work with BIM? In the AutoCAD Revit LT Suite you will find both AutoCAD LT and Revit LT. This is not only advantageous, but also very practical if you want to switch from 2D-CAD to 3D-BIM. AutoCAD LT and Revit LT in one economical bundle Create professional architectural CAD drawings and BIM models Smoothly transition your organization from 2D to 3D/BIM.
Civil 3D

Civil 3D est un logiciel de conception dans le domaine de l’infrastructure linéaire, du terrassement et des réseaux enterré Civil 3D permettant de générer des plans, métrés et quantitatifs nécessaires à l’exécution du projet. Projets linéaires : route, chemin de fer, tunnel, digue, canal, etc. Travaux de terrassement :aménagement de zones artisanales, création d’un quai portuaire, d’une carrière, etc. Réseaux souterrains : Création ou réaménagement de réseaux d’égouts, d’eaux pluviales, de gaz, de fibres, de gaines électriques, etc.