Aqcuisition Prota Altar

On December 8, 2021, ARKANCE – subsidiary of the GROUPE MONNOYEUR – acquired Prota Altar, a major player in the digitalization of Building Construction and Manufacturing industries in Turkey. It thus completes its portfolio of solutions and strengthens its leading position in the distribution of CAD and BIM technologies across Europe and Turkey.?

This acquisition open a bridge between Europe and Turkey to support Groupe Monnoyeur’s clients – Building and Earthmoving Contractors, Design Offices, Infrastructure Owners, Manufacturing Companies and Mines and Quarry operators – on their digitalization journey.?

“In just a few years, ARKANCE has become a major player in the AUTODESK channel network in Europe, and now?takes?a leading position in many countries?in Europe. We are extremely satisfied with the development of this activity within our Group and with the unique value proposition it enables us to offer to our traditional customers in the Construction industry but also more widely to the Manufacturing players” says Philippe MONNOYEUR, CEO of GROUPE MONNOYEUR.??

Historically linked to the Construction business through its CATERPILLAR dealership activities in Europe, the GROUPE MONNOYEUR was able to perceive very early on the major impact that digitization would have on its customers in the long term.??

By acquiring Prota Altar, ARKANCE is investing in one of AUTODESK’s largest Value Added Resellers in the Middle East and Eastern European regions.

“We are pleased to welcome Prota Altar to the Arkance group. We are very proud to gain a leading position in Turkey with this acquisition. Which also strengthens our group with a passionate team of experts, which whom we can bring an even stronger offering to our customers in Europe and Turkey.” comments Gregoire ARRANZ, CEO of ARKANCE.?

“We are all aware that ARKANCE, which is a subsidiary of the Monnoyeur Group, is a very successful Autodesk Partner and we believe that we will be perfectly aligned and together provide highest quality support and more value to our customers. Joining to this group a new and more competitive era will be commencing for Prota Altar family.” Says Jozef Kubin, CEO of Prota Altar.