Holixa T4R Design management and productivity tools

Application description

Holixa T4R is a collection of tools developed on top of the market leading design software Autodesk® Revit®. It comes in 3 different versions: Holixa T4R BronzeHolixa T4R Silver and Holixa T4R Gold.

Holixa T4R has ribbons that offer more than 50 additional features inspired by our customers’ requirements. The application extends the Autodesk Revit BIM program and facilitates your work in Revit.


.NET application is designed for Autodesk® Revit® 2020, 2021, 2022. Does not support Autodesk® Revit LT®.


115 MB



Holixa T4R Bronze

Holixa T4R Bronze tools are focussing on design managing tools, to save time when you need to find, select, overview the data and objects in your drawing.  By providing those extra design management tools, you can focus on management of your design content instead of spending time spend on repetitive search, select and view tasks.

Also fan of the commandline of AutoCAD instead of running through the ribbon? Than you get that commandline in Revit also with the Holixa T4R Bronze tools.


  • Make quick reports on time spend on specific design job
  • Get more detailed search and filter options
  • Organize and manage families
  • Add dimensions and align text consistently

Holixa T4R Silver

Holixa T4R Silver tools go one step further when you are adding content to your design. Instead of spending a lot of tasks on repetitive manual task, the silver tools increase your productivity by doing these tasks in one go.

This is both when adding design objects but also attribute data of schedules.  When using the Bronze tools, you have 30 days to try out these time saving tools that increase productivity when working on your design and its data.


  • Export/import schedules to maintain and update data easily through spreadsheets
  • Bulk Upgrade families
  • Parameter manager to control parameters by viewing, adding or removing, overviewing all
  • Import DTM to import detailed civil terrain data

Holixa T4R Gold

Holixa T4R Gold tools is an upgrade of the Holixa T4R Silver tools to advanced tools when talking about efficient design. The Efficiency tools are providing advanced functionality to make your design more consistent in layout, information and structured.

The Holixa T4R Gold upgrade also provides the Holixa T4R Bronze Design management and Silver productivity tools.  You can find more information of the Bronze and Silver tools in the Dock.


  • Smart Walls for managing walls and fully control joins, gaps, orientation, etc.
  • Quick Dimensions to add multiple dimensions in one go
  • Excel2R to import excel spreadsheets into Revit® and keep the speadsheet linked
  • Sort Mark can renumber elements, recalculate coordinates, sort elements, etc.
  • Smart Sheets can create and manage large numbers of sheets in Revit® based on templates and sorting results

Price/Trial Version/Download

Pricing information – buy, or contact Arkance Systems for a quote…

Trial version is limited in time (15 days) and functionality (more advanced features). To obtain an authorization code for the full version of Holixa Tools for Revit, please contact Arkance Systems.